Goat Herd Management

Learning how to manage a goat herd properly has taken time.  There has been a huge learning curve from everyone in the family. We have made mistakes and have learned valuable lessons.  I believe our meat goat herd looks exceptional this year.  Through better management and constant education we have continuously improved our herd. One tool that we use to mange our herd is FAMACHA scoring.That's a lot of work considering the meat goat herd is 155 strong.

Every 2 weeks we bring the entire, and I mean the entire herd in for FAMACHA scoring. FAMACHA scoring is a tool that goat farmers use to help determine if the goat herd has a worm load. Instead of just blindly worming goats with bad scores we have now started doing our own fecal egg count.  Yep, we count eggs under a microscope from poop that we dig out from a goat.  If you are standing close you may be asked to put your fingers where you never dreamed they would go and get a sample.  The counting of the eggs usually falls on the shoulders of my husband or our niece.  Goats are becoming immune to dewormers that are on the market.  Through ineffective herd management and misuse (over use) of de wormers, farmers are scrambling to keep ahead of worm loads.

Here are a few pictures of our adventurous weekend,  The blue equipment is from Sydell. It is wonderful stuff and has made our lives so much easier.  Enjoy the pictures



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