Kidding Season!
Breakfast!Future LGD!Lily  she thinks she's humanFind the puppy. Wow!!  It's been a while since I write on the blog. Life on the farm can get extremely busy. In the fall we completed a much needed fence. At the first of February we purchased Lily.  She is a Saanen / Alpine cross. She was a bit skinny and skittish when we bought her, but she has filled out nicely. She is now the biggest pet of the dairy goat herd.  Sadly we lost Tara, one of my beloved Saanens. We added 3 great pyrenees / Maremma mix puppies to our little farm. We are winding down kidding season and boy do we have some beautiful goats. Three of my Saanens were bred. Sally gave birth to Ellie Mae on March 5th.  Our meat goats have been keeping us hopping. Thirty kids so far. Enjoy the pictures!


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Jeanne Hilyer

Are you planning on making cheese and where are you located?

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