Sometimes we relax.....sometimes

Every year we attend the NASCAR race in Bristol and camp for a few days. It started off being an event for me and my best friend Anna. In the time that we first started going,  I met and married Sam.  

The race / camping attendance has since evolved and members of our family go with us. My son was unable to go this year. He is in basic training in Ft. Sill, OK (that will be a later blog).  This year was of course me and Anna. My wonderful husband Sam. Anna's new beau, Mark. And a bunch of other people.

We always enjoy ourselves every year. This year was a little bit of a struggle because of rain. The Saturday night race was postponed until Sunday. We all got soaking wet. We arrived home about 11:30 Sunday night. Of all the years that we have went this was the first rain delay we encountered. We will be back next year. 

Enjoy the pictures! 



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A little weather will never keep us away! Had a blast like always ?

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