In 2012 I met an extremely handsome former Marine who happened to be a goat farmer. And I fell madly in love. We combined our families.  His 3 grown children and my 2 and began this crazy wonderful roller coaster called our life.

Being raised around cattle on my daddy's small farm, I was used to animals but I found out quickly that goats were very different.  They have a personality that is a mixture of a human baby and a puppy.  They have a high metabolism and are susceptible to different diseases.

My husband and his family had Boer/Kiko cross meat goats. I wanted to make cheese and become more self sustaining.  So after much persuasion my husband purchased me a dairy goat. My first goat, Sally, was giving us a gallon a milk a day.  Little did I know that Saanen goats are one of the best milkers. I did whatever I could to use the milk but so much was going to waste.  I decided to make soap.  It was ugly and difficult.  I moved onto lotion.  I took it to work for my fellow RN's to critique and boy did they ever. After several more attempts the nurses were happy so I began bigger production and booked my 1st craft show. I made money.  

We have since expanded out product line and are dong craft shows almost every weekend. We also have a total of 5 dairy goats now.  They are all registered and very spoiled.  We are extremely busy running our little farm. Preserving our vegetables from the garden.  Taking care of animals. Spoiling 2 grand babies.  Its not an easy life but a life we love and enjoy.